ICCP maintains and regularly updates a computerized database of Caribbean professionals and organizations. This database facilitates the opportunity to harness and deploy individual and organizational resources expertise, skills, information and knowledge the professional development of its members, the improvement and sustainability of organizations and the general development of the Caribbean Region... More


To mobilize and bring together Caribbean Professionals across national and regional boundaries to share information, knowledge, resources and expertise through collaboration, partnerships, and individual initiatives for the mutual benefit of its membership and the Caribbean peoples and nations.

The ICCP was founded by a group of like-minded Caribbean professionals on the simple premise that the Caribbean is a region rich in human resources and that the Diaspora, as an extension of the Caribbean, is an untapped and underutilized reservoir of knowledge, expertise, innovative ideas and capital etc. central to the development of the Caribbean and its peoples at home and abroad. The group further believed that the level of cooperation and collaborative spirit between and among Caribbean professionals, businesses and government need to be developed to and sustained at a higher level. On the basis of these mutually agreed on premises and after several meetings, the group first established the Consortium of Caribbean Professionals in ---------- and later the International Consortium of Caribbean Professionals in 2002 with its head office in Jamaica, W.I

International Consortium of Caribbean Professionals