International Consortium of Caribbean Professionals


Being a member of the International Consortium of Caribbean Professionals (ICCP) Connects you with a community of hundreds of individuals and organizations worldwide. Membership is open to all Caribbean nationals, descendants of Caribbean nationals, and all those interested in serving the interests of Caribbean peoples and the region. Whether you own a business, work for a large or a small organization, are an expert or a beginner, membership is a unique opportunity to meet and learn from others who share your interests.

Benefits include:

►  Networking:

  • Opportunities to meet and benefit from the experience and expertise of other professionals and the linkages formed with organizations and institutions. Experience the benefits of being part of resource sharing and gathering.

►  Information:

  • Opportunities to stay up-to-date of the latest in professional and individual development and relevant development of the Caribbean Region.

►  Education:

  • Opportunities to learn of opportunities to enhance your personal and individual work, and organizational performance.

►  Technical Assistance:

  • Opportunities to consult on local, international and regional projects. Increase your marketability as a professional.

  • Member organizations of the Consortium share the unique opportunities to grow their organizations and benefit from preferred rates for technical assistance.

►  DIASPORA Connection:

  • Our quarterly newsletter is sent to all members and features practical advice, special reports on the region, business opportunities, and updates on new practices in a variety of disciplines. Keep informed of conference schedules, workshops and discussion forums. Submit and suggest articles that would be of interest to the membership.

►  Professional Help Desk:

  • One of the Consortium’s most unique features, the Help Desk, is valuable to the membership in helping members advance their careers and business opportunities. Members are connected to the expertise of the Consortium to answer technical questions, get advice on individual projects and brainstorm new approaches.

  • Training, Workshops and Conferences: As a member, you can enjoy special rates on all ICCP sponsored training, workshops and conferences. Members are also solicited to contribute ideas, participate in the planning, and conduct training.

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