International Consortium of Caribbean Professionals


ICCP maintains and regularly updates a computerized database of Caribbean professionals and organizations. This database facilitates the opportunity to harness and deploy individual and organizational resources expertise, skills, information and knowledge the professional development of its members, the improvement and sustainability of organizations and the general development of the Caribbean Region.


ICCP’s Divisions are defined by its various interest groups. The Divisions serve the needs of members involved in specific areas and applications. They reflect the scope and depth of ICCP’s leadership and commitment in professional and regional issues. While each of the Divisions is unique in the benefits provided, all offer networking opportunities and volunteer and internship possibilities. Some Divisions also offer newsletters, conferences and seminars/training. The Consortium sponsors several cutting-edge conferences and forums with other professionals while in a learning environment. Conferences are sometimes co-sponsored with colleges and universities, professional organizations and other interest groups. ICCP continues to invite its membership for topics and suggestions for conference and forum events.

Divisions are specific groups established and run by ICCP members. Benefits of joining a Division are: • Awards/Recognition • Seminars/Training • Conferences/Proceedings • Newsletters and MORE...

►  Our Current Divisions Are:

  • Education & Training   
  • Medicine & Health
  • Family, Youth & Community Development      
  • Science & Technology    
  • Human Resource Development & Leadership  
  • Energy and the Environment    
  • Government & Politics   
  • Religion   
  • Finance & Investment    
  • Tourism, Music, Art and Culture   
  • Legal & Ethics